What are sinks made of?
Granite sinks are made of granite aggregate and liquid resin mixed in the proportion of 80% – 20%. The mix then undergoes polymerisation (hardening) inside a font mould which gives sinks their shape.
How long does the offered warranty extend?
Sinks have a 15-year warranty.
How to look after a sink properly?
First of all, long exposure to strongly colouring substances such as beetroots, tea etc. should be avoided. Regular cleaning is advised. Additionally, once in 2 or 3 weeks, the sink ought to be impregnated with cooking oil. Soak a dishcloth in oil and rub the sink with it (the sink has to be dry and clean). After a couple of minutes wipe the sink with a dry dishcloth. This will create a protecive layer and give the sink a nice look.
How long has your company been producing sinks?
We have been producing sinks since 2006.
How many sink colours do you offer?
Sinks are available in 6 colours.
How long does the delivery take after placing an order?
Standard waiting time is up to 14 days for manufacturing and 3-4 days for shimpent. This period can be shortened through individual arrangements.
Do you offer any other accessories?
Yes, we offer taps, dispensers and drainers.
What is the difference between an automatic and a manual plumbing kit?
An automatic plumbing kit is equipped with a knob fixed to the sink and connected to the waste using a cord. When the knob is turned, the plumbing kit opens and the water drains out of the sink. The benefit is that one does not have to put their hands into hot or dirty water to let it flow down the sink drain. Once the water has drained away, the basket plug can be removed and emptied of any large waste.

In the classic (manual) plumbing kit the basket plug needs to be manually closed to prevent water from draining.

Are there any installation holes drilled in the sink?
If the order didn’t contain any accessories (plumbing kit, tap, liquid dispenser) than we drill only a single hole for the tap. If a client ordered a dispenser, than we make two holes and if the order also contained an automatic plumbing kit than we make 3 holes.

It is possible to order a sink with no holes. In such a case, please add an appropriate note to the order.

What is the diameter of the holes for installation of a tap, an automatic plumbing kit knob and a dispenser?
All of these holes have a diameter of 35mm.
What is the charge for drilling the holes?
It is free of charge.
What can I do if the package I receive is damaged?
If possible, write a damage report, take a picture of the damaged package and send the lot to sales@lavello-sinks.co.uk. Please write a damage description in the message and provide your order number, name and address. We will process your complaint based on this information.
What size should the hole in the kitchentop be for the sink’s installation?
The hole should be smaller by 2 cm than the length and width of the sink. Exact mesurments of the sink can be found in the graphics in the product’s gallery and in its description.
Can I order a sink without an overflow hole?
Of course. Please write your request in the order notes. Otherwise the hole will be made.