Premium quality 1.5 bowl composite granite sinks

Premium quality 1.5 bowl granite sinks

We are a manufacturer of premium quality, certified and highly durable 1.5-bowl granite sinks, which are characterized by excellent resistance to scratches and thermal shock. Diversified design and various colour variants of the models on our offer will allow you to choose a product tailored to your needs and aesthetic tastes.

An additional small bowl can be used for washing vegetables for dinner or pouring water into a jug while washing the dishes. Apart from this small but functional smaller bowl, most of our 1.5-bowl granite sink models are also equipped with a practical drainer with grooves where you can put away the dishes or hot pots that have just been washed. Each model is available in one of 6 different colours.

The use of granite makes the surface of each sink very pleasant for the touch, it prevents the formation of pores and makes the sink very easy to clean. Investing in one of our solutions, you bank on a long-term beauty and ergonomics.

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