Premium quality 2 bowl composite granite sinks

Premium quality 2 bowl granite sinks

A quality 2-bowl granite composite sink by Lavello increases the comfort of food preparation, provides free access to running water and optimum space for cooking manoeuvres. One of the bowls can be used for on-going operations, the other for drying vegetables or soaking dirty dishes.

This division ensures a high standard of use and an increased level of functionality.

An additional advantage of Lavello's premium 2-bowl kitchen sink is the use of granite for its production. This material is known for its special resistance to mechanical damage. The stone does not absorb moisture or dirt, which helps it retain its aesthetic look for a long time. It is easily cleanable, and when applying a solution of baking soda it practically returns to its original appearance. It can also withstand high temperatures.

Our sinks are suitable for kitchens decorated in the style of traditional elegance, provencal charm and modern design.

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