Terms & conditions of contests and promotions

Order a sink and get £100 back!

There has never been such a promotion before!

Do you like the kitchen sink you bought in our store? We will give you back £100 if you record its 30-second long video review! Do not wait – register now!

How to take get £100 back?

1. Order the sink in our store and pay for it
2. Send the order number to the following address sales@lavello-sinks.co.uk to register in the promotion
3. Receive your order and install the sink
4. Record a video containing your opinion on the sink (We reserve the right to reject the recording if the audio or video quality is poor)
5. The finished video should be sent to the following address: sales@lavello-sinks.co.uk
6. You have 45 days to record the video (starting from the day you register)
7. By sending a video you agree to its inclusion on our websites, stores, social networks and marketing materials. Your personal information will not be disclosed in any of our materials.
8. The refund of £100 is only valid for a single kitchen sink in a single order
9. One person can take part in the promotion only once
10. The refund will be made to the same bank account number from which you’ve paid for the order. We will ask you for an account number if the order was paid on delivery.

Video requirements

1. The video should be between 30 and 60 seconds long
2. It should include: shots of the Lavello sink installed in the kitchen, an opinion on its quality and opinion on the service.
3. Your face must be visible when expressing opinions on the quality of product and service. Feel free to show everyone how beautifully you smile!?
4. The shots should be aesthetic, well-lit and the sound should be clear – no echoes or noises in the background.
5. Video image should not be artificially modified. No special effects should be added. It is important to have good lightning on the sink, to prepare an aesthetically pleasing environment in the kitchen and to use recording equipment that records good quality image.
6. Your voice should be audible and clear, with no background noise (eg. the sound of a street, TV set or background music)