Warranty information:

Lavello LTD, Company Number: 10220246,

40 Tooting High Street, Tooting Broadway, London SW17 0RG, England

provides warranty to this product.

  1. This warranty is valid only in the area of the United Kigdom.
  2. The warranty covers only manufacturing defects.
  3. Sinks have a 15-year warranty.
  4. All products and accessories which are not mentioned in section 4, have a 12-month warranty.
  5. The warranty is valid from the date of purchase, which has to be recorded in the warranty card and confirmed by a purchase proof.
  6. In case of defects, please contact Lavello ltd. immediately. We will deal with the complaint within 14 days.
  7. In case of defects, cease all further use or installation of the product and inform Lavello ltd. Lavello does not take responsibility for defects made while using the faulty product.
  8. When there is a need to import an item from abroad, service-repair time may take up to 30 days (counting from the date of the decision).
  9. When Lavello does not meet the deadline listed in paragraph 6 or 8, the customer has the right to extend warranty to repair awaiting time or examining customer’s complaint time.
  10. Warranty does not cover:
    1. defects caused by inappropriate assembling/installation of the product, breaking construction practices/law rules or the norms applied in the UK,
    2. defects made by using inappropriate tools or materials,
    3. defects made by inappropriate use of the product (misaligned with the intended product use or the manual),
    4. defects made by inappropriate shipment or storage,
    5. defects made by the customer’s self-repair or adjustments,
    6. defects made by water’s precipitates or poor water condition (special water filters and softeners are required),
    7. defects made by inappropriate water parameters,
    8. defects made by inappropriate use of the product, for example using unsuitable detergents or cleaning accessories,
    9. ex-display products,
    10. mechanical or thermal damages caused by inappropriate use of the product,
    11. elements which got used due to standard exploitation f.ex.gaskets,
    12. product maintenance, cleaning, installing and adjustment processes mentioned in the manual or required for the proper use.
  11. All missing parts or mechanical damages must be reported within 7 days from the date of purchase. In case of defects, cease further installation. If the conditions specified in section 10 are not being met, the warranty does not apply. Lavello reserves the right to examine every cause of damage or conditions mentioned in section 10.
  12. The customer is obliged to cover all costs of unreasonable service request. Lavello reserves the right to demand those costs.
  13. The warranty is invalid when repairs or adjustments are made by unauthorised service/people.
  14. The warranty is valid only if the warranty card has all demanded signatures, notes and stamps. The original purchase receipt/proof is also required.
  15. In case of warranty card lost or doubts concerning filling it, the customer may prove their rights to the warranty by presenting the purchase receipt or any other reliable purchase proof. If there is a need, the customer has to confirm the assembling by a specialist. Moreover, all the requirements of this warranty have to be fulfilled.
  16. The customer has the right to exchange the damaged product for a new one or to get a full cash refund when:
    1. the defect still appears after the fourth repair,
    2. Lavello states that the product cannot be repaired.
  17. When Lavello is unable to exchange the damaged product for a new one, the customer can get a full cash refund.
  18. Repair means: removing defects covered by the warranty regardless of the amount of elements that have to be exchanged at once. Repair does not cover installation, maintenance etc.
  19. Lavello does not take responsibility for unfulfilled expectations of the product or for third party’s recommendations.
  20. The warranty does not limit the customer’s rights if the product is misaligned with the contract.