Warranty on faucets and accessories

  1. Faucets and accessories are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for a period of one year. Information on the length of the warranty for a particular model is provided on the products’ details pages

Warranty on Lavello sinks

The following terms contained in these Terms and Conditions of the Warranty shall have the following meanings:

    1. ‘Warranty’ shall have the meaning of all rights and obligations that arise from these Terms and Conditions of the Warranty and the provisions of the Civil Code;
    2.  ‘Equipment’ shall mean a purchased sink and a defect-free sink which the Warranty holder has received instead of defective Equipment;
    3. ‘Warrantor’ shall be: Lavello LTD, Company Number: 10220246, 40 Tooting High Street, Tooting Broadway, London SW17 0RG, England
    4. ‘Force Majeure’ shall mean any external event of an extraordinary nature that the Warrantor or Service Centre which is performing, or is to perform, warranty repairs on the Equipment is unable to prevent, and which is beyond their control, including but not limited to riots, strikes, collective disputes, armed conflicts and natural disasters;
    5. ‘Warranty Holder’ shall mean the person who has acquired the Equipment from the Manufacturer and any subsequent owner of the Equipment that holds a Warranty Card, who has effectively acquired the right to exercise the Warranty rights.
  1. The Warrantor shall provide a Warranty for the Equipment for a period of 10 years from the date of its sale.
  2. The Warranty holder may also assert its rights after the expiration of the Warranty period specified in clause 2 above. In such a case, it is the holder’s responsibility to prove that the defect of the Equipment occurred before the expiry of this period.
  3. The Warranty shall be valid in the territory of the United Kingdom.
  4. The Warranty period starts from the date of purchase, confirmed by the proof of purchase.
  5. The Warranty shall cover only manufacturing defects.
  6. If a defect or damage to the product is found during the Warranty period, its use or installation must be immediately discontinued, and the Warrantor should be notified of the defect. The Warrantor shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the use of the defective product.
  7. Complaints shall be considered within 14 days.
  8. In situations beyond the Warrantor’s control, including the events of Force Majeure, the time limit for considering a product complaint shall be extended by the duration of Force Majeure, or the duration of obstacles beyond the Warrantor’s control.
  9. If the Warrantor fails to meet the deadlines specified in clause 7 of the Warranty, the customer shall be entitled to extend the Warranty period for the product by the time it takes to process the complaint.
  10. The Warranty shall not cover damage to the product caused by the following:
    1. installation not compliant with the attached manufacturer’s installation instructions;
    2. use of inappropriate tools or materials for installation, improper operation, i.e. not compliant with the intended use of the equipment and operating instructions;
    3. improper storage or transport of the product, including transport in a manner that is different from that agreed with the Warrantor in connection with the use of Warranty rights (see point 13 of this Warranty);
    4. carrying out independent repairs and alterations;
    5. precipitate formation from utility water or its inadequate quality;
    6. inadequate parameters of utility water;
    7. improper care of the product, e.g. the use of inappropriate cleaning agents and accessories;
    8. mechanical or thermal damage caused by improper handling of the product;
    9. wear and tear during normal use;
    10. improper maintenance, cleaning, installation and adjustment operations as described in the operating instructions or required for the product to operate properly;
    11. temperatures higher than 280 degrees Celsius.
  11. Due to the manufacturing process of granite composite sinks (firing in high temperature), the dimensions listed on the offer pages are approximations and may vary up to 5 mm. We do not accept complaints on smaller differences
  12. Any mechanical defects must be reported immediately, but no later than within seven days of the date on which they were discovered. Installation or use of the defective product must also be discontinued. If these conditions are not met, the Warranty claim shall not be accepted. The Warrantor reserves the right to verify the cause of damage each time. The burden of proof of the moment when the defect was discovered rests with the Customer.
  13. When filing a claim, the person entitled under the Warranty should first agree with the Warrantor on the method of returning the defective equipment. However, regardless of the selected method of returning the goods, the costs of delivering the device to the Warrantor shall be covered by the Customer.
  14. Proving Warranty rights is possible through the presentation of proof of sale or other reliable proof of purchase. The Customer is also obliged to comply with all other requirements of this Warranty, as specified in clause 11.
  15. The Customer is entitled to the replacement of the equipment with new equipment that is free of defects, or to a refund of the purchase price for the goods. The Customer is entitled to a refund of the purchase price only if the Warrantor is not be able to replace the equipment.
  16. The goods replaced with new goods will be brand new and will constitute an exact equivalent of the goods in which the defect has been revealed.
  17. The Warrantor shall not be responsible for the declarations of third parties.
  18. This Warranty shall not exclude, limit or suspend the Buyer’s rights due to non-conformity of the goods with the contract